Completed activity on the calendar?

Q:  If you complete an activity from the MONTHLY calendar, or from the dashboard, the item is removed - however, if you look at the calendar in the DAY VIEW, the activity (or task - not created as a timed event), still appears in the month view. I cannot remove it from the month view without deleting it. The activity shows "incomplete". In the case where the action is an email, it shows the "run" increasing each time, but it is not removed from the calendar. This activity I am testing includes one checklist item and one email.

A: The Diagonal lines indicate that it is complete - the dropdown menu with the word "Incomplete" allows you to change it from complete to non-completed (incomplete) - we remove it from the monthly calendar because there is limited space to view and non-completed items are then moved to the top - for the day view we can show more items in the list so we show them with the diagonal lines as completed.


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