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Is it possible to restrict my Agent's access to the Templates/Workflows in our account?

Q: Question about permissions... I added an agent but I don't want him to see my contacts, tasks etc., just his own. I do want him to be able to access the workflows and templates. Is there a way to only allow some of my workflows and templates to be available to the agents? I have some that are strictly operations based that I don't necessarily want them to have.

A: As the Account owner, you DO have access to all information in the Realvolve database. When you login, you can already see what they see PLUS everything for other users. If you want to ONLY see what they can see, then you would want to use the "Login As" function to login to their profiles!

You can give the users READ ONLY rights to workflows so they can't change yours but they could COPY the workflow for themselves and then make changes to their copy as needed.

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    Suzette Decker

    Mark, I don''t believe your answer addressed the question. I would like a more detailed answer to the specific question asked above.

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