Adding children's birthdays?

Q: Quick question about adding children's birthdays. I looked through the knowledge base and found where they suggested you add it as a recurring activity. I'm assuming they just mean a general recurring activity. Is there a way to link it to the child, that is linked to the client?

A: We are working on a way to link the client record with more people. (3-15-16) In the meantime, the only way to get the kids birthday is to either create a client record for the kid (not recommended) or create a workflow of the kid's birthdays and attach it to the client's record. Or, a recurring activity works, too.


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    John Jones

    i would think that since there is a field to ask the kid's names, you would have a place to put their birthdates so that you can send cards and such. The easiest way to a parent's heart is through their children and sending cards or free ice cream coupons is a great way to get the parents...aka...buyers and sellers to remember who you are.

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    Brian Bell

    Mark, does your suggestion above, "... or create a workflow of the kid's birthdays and attach it to the client's record.", imply that there is a trigger in the workflows for the child birthday's or are you saying to manually enter the birthday as the trigger?

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    Gary Hall

    You manually enter it. There are no triggers yet.

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    Darrell Catmull

    Mark what we need is custom fields. Can you hard code a name for custom fields 1-20 and allow the user to mask it with a custom label?

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    Gary Hall

    Custom fields are something we definitely will be adding in a number of places. No ETA yet but it's on the books Darrell!

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