Bulk delete templates or workflows?

Q: Is there a way to bulk delete templates or workflows?

A: Prior to us adding confirmations, it was much easier to delete in bulk but so many users were complaining that it was too easy to delete we added the confirmation message. I've added an enhancement request to our team for a way to turn on/off the confirmation so that in the event you want to delete quicker. At this point it's just one at a time. (3-17-16)

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    Alvin Belden

    I would like this as well. If you delete the workflow that created the templates it doesn't delete the templates which were installed with the package. A bulk select would be nice. I added a bunch of workflows/templates when I was starting and now I find them cumbersome to page through and review.

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    Abdullah Ewida

    Has any progress on this been made?

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    Gary Hall

    Not yet no.

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