Tips and tricks for filters...

Filters are responsible for many heart stopping moments in RV. You're humming along when you suddenly realize, "OMG they have all disappeared!!!" What is "they", you ask? Anything- your contacts, your workflows , your templates.... if they "suddenly" disappear don't worry! At some point you hit a filter and you just didn't realize that sucker is still working.

First, click the x next to filters. If you don't have that option, click the Person icon. That takes you back to the general contacts screen and you can click the x and Voila- everything all better. This works in Workflows and Templates, as well.

Another persistent heart stopper courtesy Google Chrome... If you ever have a problem where you update something and the update doesn't stick? If you use Chrome, you need to clear browsing data. and restart your browser. I get bit by that one all the time. Chrome- sometimes you just kill me.

Also, the filter-types visible there are in bold if any that filter is currently activated.

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