How do I create a newsletter in Realvolve?

Q: How do I create a newsletter in Realvolve?


1. Go to "Templates" on the top bar on the right & click on it.

2. On the left, click on "New Template".

3. Click on "Create New Template".

4. Title it - I put "Newsletter Template". Use with "contact". Just put something in "Subject" as that will change with each new newsletter.

5. I then went in and created what I want in MOST of my newsletters - (some call to actions) ex: links to my HouseValues Landing Page, Links to Search all properties here, a link to my IDX site - these are throughout my newsletter.

6. Save it.

7. Now, when I want to do a newsletter I will pull this up & create a copy of it.

8, Then I put in my content throughout.

9. Save it as say "Newsletter 5-23-2016". 

With all that said, I am looking at possibly doing my newsletters on my Wordpress site and just putting a little bit in a email (teaser) to click on the link to go to the full newsletter.

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