How to manage our own personal to-do's, tasks or projects?

Q: How to manage our own personal to-do's, tasks or projects?

A: Try creating a project workflow, where it can create a few tasks or reminders or something to help organize your project.

A:  I have various workflows that are just assigned to me - monthly newsletter, etc. for projects. For one-off tasks, I just add an activity/to-do for myself.

A:  Workflows can be made for virtually anything. Make them stand alone or add activities that are assigned to yourself on existing workflows.

Q:  I am trying to set up my project management system for both my personal and work life.... GTD (Getting Things Done) style with Evernote and Realvolve. I am trying to get a system to help me keep my priorities in order.

A: You can do that with tags in each activity by grouping activity types. Check out this filter that allows you to see your activities by type so you can group your calls, your emails, your appointments, etc...


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