Texting feature in Realvolve?

Q: Using the text feature in Realvolve and since the number that sends out the text is different from our mobile number, what happens if the text recipient texts you back at the Realvolve number?

A: Both the sent text and the reply display in the Radar for that contact.

Q: Is there a way to know that we've received a reply, other than looking at the Radar?

A: In Settings, SMS Services, you can set it up so you are notified by SMS and/or email that you received an SMS.


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    Richard Silver

    How do I set up SMS for my Canada number 416 area code??

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    Teresita Link
    Edited by Teresita Link
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    Alex Balikoev

    I have the same issue

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    Darrell Catmull

    How do I send a text to the 27 people I've selected?

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