Thoughts from the Realvolve Community on contact by newsletter, flyers, etc.

Q: What does everybody use for these newsletter, flyers, etc. to send out on a regular basis to people in your sphere?  

A: We do have the KW 33 Touch and 8 X 8 programs in the library for free. Dave Beson's products are for varying stages in the process, including prospecting and post closing follow-up. The problem with templated content is that it's templated. It needs to be generic by definition so how relevant is it to your clients? Will they open it? It would be good to hear from everyone what you're sending that actually gets opened and read.

A: It depends on HOW you want to stay in touch. Do you want your "newsletter" to be generically written?

We are not a graphics and marketing company. In fact, every CRM produced bit of marketing copy- the letters, the "newsletters" and special occasion cards/messages has been unsuitable for my brand quality.

If you are not confident in your ability to create marketing and content you need to hire someone who can. Or, maybe just communicate from the heart. People really dig that.

A: This was a huge struggle for me before I had a breakthrough. The canned marketing materials you find in other CRM's and other systems are something that always made me uncomfortable when sending to my sphere. None of it sounded like me and none of it really graphically represents my brand or the overall feel and culture of my business. I consider myself a creative person however I don't have the time or skill to graphically design materials to send out to my database. My breakthrough came when I started thinking about building relationships and not just marketing or mindshare. We build relationships by being real, being genuine, being relevant and by being in tune with who we are communicating with. My touch plan is multi media. By that I mean it originates from multiple communication methods - phone calls, text and video messages, direct mail, email, social media, etc. Try starting from there. Go through each media type and determine how you want to touch your met database in each of those styles. Once you have that down then you can start thinking about what the content of each of those touches would be.


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    Donna Bovee

    I am evaluating Realvolve. One requirement I have is to send newsletters, etc. with graphic email templates such as the ones available with The email templates I see in Realvolve are textual only. The editor does have the ability to add graphics but I would rather use a template and place my text into it. Are graphic templates available or can I use 3rd party templates within Realvolve?

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    Bill Nazaroff

    Donna Bowee - I have the same question - You can add graphics - BUT what I am doing is making a "Newsletter Template" with my graphics etc - even a pop up from LeadPages - a "What isYour Home Worth" graphic with a link in it to my house values Landing Page.

    Then every week I add new content in between my templated Newsletter items that I set up in there at first and saved it as "Newsletter Template"

    Hope that helps - mine is NOT complete yet - but that is what I am working on now

    And just a little update - I have sent myself a test from the template - and opened up on my phone - and it is mobile optimized - which MOST people now use their phone to check emails etc  - looked GOOD!

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    Kelly Sams

    Realvolve please add feature to make emails more customizable (fonts, colors, etc). I don't mind making my own template but we need the tools at least.

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    Gary Hall

    HI Kelly - Can you please submit this is a Feature Request. This suggestion will not get picked up here. Thanks!

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    Kelly Sams

    Oh ok thanks!

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