Ideas for birthdays?

Q: Ideas for dealing with birthdays? 

A: I add an item to my Marketing workflow that says, "frequency" 1 day of Month, pull up all birthdays and send card. Then I would filter for birthdays that month and jam out some cards.

A: I made a Happy Birthday template with a nice photo and when a birthday pops up, I send them the email. People do appreciate it. You can set the birthdays up as activities though.... but then you would have to apply the workflow to that contact... I have birthdays come up for my Keep In Touch workflows.

Q: How do you set up the birthdays as activities?

A: You need to have their birthday in the contact record. That is for people I send cards to. Some just get the template email.  If you don't have their birthday entered, you don't get the to-do... so it works out fine. I'll probably switch it to just do the template email since I actually NEVER send the card. Then I'll just change up the template once a year. Here is an example...

Alternatively, you can sort the contacts by the calendar and birthdate. For instance every month, you can pull up a list of those with birthdays that month. That is on the left side in the filters.

Q: How do you do a reminder?

A: Go to a contact you have a birthday in for, and then go to the activities tab for that contact. There will be a birthday activity in there automatically, and then you can click the pencil icon to edit it and add a reminder and make it repeat, etc. I have mine set to sync with google so it adds it to my google calendar and I select for it to send me an email reminder 1 week in advance so I can stick a card in the mail.

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    Darrell Catmull

    Please record your screen and make a video illustrating this idea in action.

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    Michael LaVoy

    Is it possible to have zapier send a card through a third party (ie based on a date, like a birthday, anniversary, home purchase/sell date? I believe the only trigger currently is a new contact.

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