Deleting and syncing contacts from Google/Gmail?

Q: I just synced my contacts from Google/gmail. I deleted a few contacts that didn't need to be in my Realvolve, then I noticed those contacts were also deleted from my phone. How do I prevent this?

A:  The main word to remember is "Sync" so when you remove a contact from one place it removes it from another... that is the purpose of Syncing...

The way to get around this to create a TAG/GROUP which you sync with. By Default we sync to Google's "My Contacts" which is a tag in Realvolve called "System Group: My Contacts". But you could make your own group like "Realvolve Contacts" and assign anyone that you want to sync with google to that Tag. In the Google Sync settings (SETTINGS > GOOGLE SYNC) you can choose that tag so only those contacts will sync. If you remove that tag from a contact then that contact won't sync and you could then delete them without it removing from Google or your Phone.

Q: Remove the tag from the contact in RV or remove the tag from the contact in google?

A:  If you don't want the contact in Realvolve then remove the tag first - then delete the contact. Once the tag is removed then you can delete the contact from Realvolve and it won't sync the deleted contact since the required tag is not present on the contact record. The contact will remain in Google - you can then remove the tag from the Google Contact if you like.




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