Simple tip on where to start...

Simple Tip...

Not sure where to start?

How about this super simple tip to start understanding who is in your database...

Do you keep a list of clients in your head? Or, maybe on a post it note?

Ok, who is the first to pop into your head?

Look 'em up and click the A right under their picture box.

Who is next? repeat.

How about the ones on your "back burner list" the one you hope will buy or list, but you don't know when.  Look up the first one that pops in your head. Click the "B" or even "C" under their picture box.

Ok, now, when you sit down to "get in touch" click the filter button (see the picture) and check the box "A". You'll get a tidy list of your most urgent clients to call and touch base. "B" is your next most urgent and so on. No workflows needed... 

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