Using Realvolve in your business & where to start?

Q: How do you use Realvolve in your business?

A: I use it for people I know or am working with - past clients, current clients, active listings, sphere etc. I like it best for the workflows. I have A LOT of workflows. Everything that ever happens more than once in my business becomes a workflow

Q: Where do I start?

A: You have to just jump in...

Start with inputting all of your contacts - past clients and sphere to start.  

Then create workflows for follow up with those peeps.

Then, create workflows (write them down on a note pad first) on what you are currently involved with - an open house follow up, listing prospecting and appointments, buyer showings etc.

The videos on You Tube are fabulous quick lessons and easy to follow. Commit to maybe one hour every day or a few times a week - it's really a great program!

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    Clifton Power

    i need to look at a video on how to use realvolve

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