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How can I preview the emails that are a part of a Workflow?

Q: I am looking through the free database of workflows to use. When I am looking through the "email" activities, I cant find where or how I can read the email templates that are part of that workflow.

A: All email activities should have a corresponding email template - look in the template section and you should see them.  

A: Open up two tabs. One has the workflow and at the bottom you'll see a little arrow to open up all the activities in line. Then in your second tab open up templates.

In the workflow, once you click the light colored arrow with a number next to it that shows how many activities are in the works,you will see the first activity in the workflow.

Click on the little pencil icon on the top of that activity to edit that activity or open up to see what's going on. Once inside you will see on the bottom right of that small window an option called actions. If it's a pre-made workflow, there is probably an action right below that's already been set up that says send email or something like that. Click on the text and it will open up that specific associated action. That is where you choose the email template to send and set whether it goes automatically, with a preview or otherwise.

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