Setting up a buyer follow up workflow from different leads to converge?

Q: I'm building some buyer follow up workflow, where the initial few follow ups are different based on lead source (ex. online lead or an open house) and then after the third follow up they converge into the same nurture campaign. Should I set it up as Online Lead (3 steps: day 0, 1 & 3) and Open House Lead (different 3 steps, but still day 0, 1 & 3), then for each to append a Nurture Campaign at day 5 from start date, but set that workflow as starting Day 0 (which would really be Day 5) and go from there?

A: I would build the nurture workflow and then use the copy function to create a new workflow (say, open house follow up) and then add the activities unique to that lead source. Repeat for all additional lead sources. The more targeted and specific you can be in your responses the more value you will have to the "lead".

A: Or, you could use groups for each different lead source.


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