Track an outside referral fee?

Q:  I have a client that would like to purchase land outside of my area. I am referring him to another agent for a referral fee. What is the best way to track this referral in Realvolve?

A: Referral tracking will be coming - we know it's important, it's just not made it into the system yet. (2-2-16)

You could make a transaction with a TBD Address with a tag of "Outside Referral" and track your contact as the buyer and put the other agent as the Buyers Agent and use a workflow that checks on both at periodic times with emails, calls and text messages.

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    Michael Sosnowski

    Has anything come of this?

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    Wayne Sanman

    I am also wondering if this has been implemented, and I'm specifically interested in tracking the amount of the referral so that my income is the sum of commissions and referral fees.

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