Enter a spouse & contact information without having a separate record?

Q: How can I enter a spouse and secondary home email/cell phones/phones rather than creating two completely separate contacts.

A:  We can put secondary home email, etc. in "Other". Really recommend you use the spouse format, creating a separate record. The ramifications of what you can do when the data is separated is mind-blowingly good. 


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    Mitchell David

    I've done a mass email and it works great. I have my spouses data seperated, but I'm concerned that when the mass email went out it was sent to both "contacts." I can easily uncheck the spouse or does the program automatically recognize the "spouse" and only send to one contact?

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    Gary Hall

    It sends to all contacts but you would address that by using the appropriate merge field int he Template. "[[Greeting]]" will use whatever is in that field which is normally addressing both people. If you use "[[Contact#FirstName]] then it will be good for individuals.

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