What is a template?

Q: What is a template?

A: A template is nothing more than a pre-designed Email, SMS text, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn message that can be sent to contacts at any time. Instead of writing a new message each time you communicate with your contact, simply pick a template containing the message you want to your contact to receive and send it. This can be done individually using the email feature in Realvolve or by using an action on a workflow activity. Setting up the standardized message is as easy as writing it from scratch except that you include merge fields that get filled in to personalize the message before it is sent. Most messages will contain the current date, a greeting and then the body of the message itself. There is a full list of all merge fields in Appendix B of this document.

There are two requirements that you have to know before making the template.

1. What kind of data will be used? Templates can use data from 3 different places:




Knowing what kind of data you will be sending will determine the choice above. If you are just sending the message to a contact and it has nothing to do with a property or transaction then Contacts will make the most sense. Obviously if you are discussing information about a Property or Transaction then you will choose the appropriate option. The requirement determines which merge fields will be available in the menu of merge fields as you are designing them. I will go into more detail on creating templates in the next section.

2. What method of distribution will be used?


SMS Text

Facebook Message

Twitter Message

LinkedIn Message

Each message type has it’s own characteristics such as subject and message size.

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