What is a workflow?

Q: What is a workflow? 

A: A workflow is a pre-designed series of activities that is setup one time and used to automate typical business processes. Each activity in the workflow stream can be assigned a date based on criteria you specify as being the normal time to do a given activity. 3 days before closing send closing reminder email. 1 day after closing pick up sign from property, 5 days after the closing date I want to send a “Hope you are moved in” email. Workflows can be created with any number of activities and use any number of date fields for the criteria. By creating your own workflows or utilizing workflows from the workflow library, you can systematize the daily repetitive tasks which occupy your time. Think of a workflow as a predesigned sequence of steps that helps to methodically and consistently reach an objective. A workflow performs a series of actions to reach an intended result. Much of your daily work can be turned into a workflow stream. Look at what you do each day and identify those activities that are repetitive in nature. Review the projects that you’ve done in the past 30 days. The new listing agreements you’ve received and each closing you completed and decompose each step-by-step. The more steps you can enumerate and capture in a workflow stream, the better.

By forcing yourself to following the activities, you are able to consistently give each client the same great service day in and day out. That great service translates to superior customer satisfaction and ultimately, more referrals and repeat business. Just like authoring a best selling book… The real key to a good workflow is taking the time to first develop and write it. Once it is setup and running, you get paid on it forever… both financially and with more free time to spend with your loved ones…

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