Where can I assign a 'type' to a contact field?

Q: Where in Realvolve can I assign a 'Type' to a contact field? e.g. I just input a contact who is a buyer....where do I identify her as a buyer?

A: Make a tag that says "buyer"... just type it in the tag section of the radar of the contact... not on the contact tab, on the radar tab. Then down the road you can sort by tags.

A: How about tag 'em "buyer- 91202". Then, when you get a great listing in 91202, you pull up the tag, "buyer- 91202" and BOOM a great bunch of money calls to make!!!

A: You can go 1 step further and assign tags as "needs" and "wants" say they want a particular complex or subdivision. That way its on your radar as listings come up plus you have a "Warm" list ready to go if you get a listing that matches.pp[

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    Darrell Catmull

    This doesn't have anything to do with the Contact Type drop down menu. I like the ideas though; combine this with an automated search in the MLS and money is less likely to fall through the cracks.

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