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Where do I see emails sent outside of Realvolve, in Realvolve?

Q:  I have my google account synced with Realvolve. The contacts and tasks/calendar seem to be syncing fine, however, shouldn't emails sent and received from a particular contact via my google account show up in the Notes and Correspondence for that contact in Realvolve? Currently, only manual notes I enter into RV are what are showing in that Radar area for the contact.

A: Emails sent outside of Realvolve with this contact will show up in the "email" tab in the contact record. If you send the email from Realvolve they will show in the Radar under "notes and correspondence". As long as you don't have a filter blocking you from seeing emails :)

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    Jeremy Hart

    I'm having this issue, as well. I'm seeing the ones I sent the contact, but not the ones that I've *received* from the contact.

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    Gary Hall

    Maybe this will help:

    There are two kinds of email in Realvolve.
    1) In the Email Tab in the Contact record. That one displays - not stores - all email to and from that Contact, in YOUR email account. If you completely delete it from your email account, it will no longer display in Realvolve. It does not display emails sent using Realvolve Email. The exceptions are when you BCC, and notifications, in which case it will show in the email tab.
    That is the email that you specify in Settings, Emails, Email Account. It does not display other users Email correspondence with that Contact. It only displays what is in your account. We are working on that though.
    2) In the Contact record in the Radar screen in Notes and Correspondence. This displays emails that have been sent using Realvolve's Email, and any replies to that email (as long as they replied using that email and the address that is in their contact record). Any emails sent out using Workflows will display here.

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    Leslie Reeder

    how come my google sync did not add the contacts email address to the contact.

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