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What is the difference between closing vs transaction coordinator?

Q: What is the difference between Closing Coordinator vs Transaction Coordinator?

A:  We originally just had "Transaction Coordinator" and one of the teams said we have both a "Listing Coordinator" and a "Closing Coordinator" and they needed both at times. So... we added them - technically you can use which ever one you want.

Placeholders for the "Assign To" is for the "USERS" where the same names in the People tab are for "CONTACTS" - obviously they are the same people but the "Type" is different and they are stored in different locations...

We have since added a LINK under the Users and Permissions which ties a USER to a CONTACT record and we are working to make some of those selection more seamless.

But Basically if you assign "Connie Coordinator" from the user list to the Transaction Coordinator or Closing Coordinator in the Activity as "Assign To" it will show on their calendar.

If you use the People "Closing Coordinator" which should also have "Connie Coordinator" from the CONTACTS assigned... they are both the same people but one is a USER RECORD and one is CONTACT RECORD.

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