Send an email without the recipient seeing the Realvolve address?

Q: I'm sending out an email to 40 contacts today. Is there any way to send without the recipient seeing the Realvolve address in the reply to field?

A: We put that in the "reply to" so that if someone replies to your email it goes directly into the contact record. Currently there is no way to turn that off. Each Contact, Property and Transaction has this email address which is dedicated to it - if someone replies with attachments then the attachments are also sent to your "Files" tab automatically.

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    Becky Brouse

    Isn't it possible for Realvolve to have the Realvolve address in the blind copy section of the email?

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    Vanessa Usi

    We sent an email out through a workflow and it reflected sent via Realvolve, can we omit saying sent via RealVolve?

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