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How would I use Tags when working an Open House?

Q: How do you use tags for an Open House?

A: I have an app on my iPad just to deal with sign-ins at Open House called Open Home Pro. I use Zapier to suck those leads into Realvolve and they get tagged with the address of the home held open.

I originally did that to communicate with people about that listing for offer deadlines or seller requirements for offers or whatever.

Today I used the tag to send an open house invite to my latest listing. I sent it to anyone who had visited a similar listing in the past! This way the message is highly relevant and they know why I decided to send it to them.

A: To add to that, I set up a detailed tag in Reavolve like OH_Main St. It helps me identify the open house attendees name to a specific open house and location. It also helps me visually trigger a name to person.

I then set up an MLS search with the criteria similar to the open house, price, location, etc. BUT I set up the MLS instant new listing email notification with; the subject line of OH_Main St and have the new listing email only to my email address.

Once I receive a new listing email, with the specific subject criteria of OH_Main St I go into Realvolve, look up the contacts tags with OH-Main Street. I immediately contact the OH_Main St attendees about the new listing in their area of interest and criteria. With such low inventory, it builds a relationship with credibility, I am looking for homes in their area of interest, and giving them immediate notice to have a jump on the other buyers in that location.




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