Mass delete a tag from a group of contacts?


Q: Is there any way to mass delete a tag from a group of contacts?
A: If you want to delete the tag from all contactsgo to the TAGS section and delete the tag and it will be removed from all the contacts that use it.


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    Darrell Catmull

    I applied "Loss Mitigation" filter my contacts. I got 137. I want to remove the "realvolve," "real estate," and "system:mycontacts," tag from this group, can I do that? How?

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    Darrell Catmull

    Please add this to the Walkme when this feature is created or learned.

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    Gary Hall

    Click on the >> and use the checklist on the right and the three horizontal bars on the top right. Remove Tags is in there. If you remove System Group: My Contacts, they will not sync to Google.

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