How can you see a potential commission or a potential sale?

Q: In the Volume Pipeline and Commission Pipeline graphic of the Dashboard, how can you see on the graphic a potential commission or potential sale? 

A: Potential is based on the "Active" and "Pre-Listing" Listings that you have in your Properties screen. It is showing the volume that you could potentially get if a buyer is found for them.

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    Sandy Simmonds

    It would be nice to see both buyer and seller potential volume. I have qualified buyers that will be buying in the next 30 days and it would be good to see this in my potential volume widget as "Active" Buyer, just like I do for an Active Listing, Pending Listing and Pending Buy Side Sale.

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    Maggie Dokic

    Sandy does that mean you see your Pending buyers included in the potential commission? The response from RV seems to indicate it's only listings that are included. I haven't actually checked mine. I'm looking for a response to something else and stumbled upon this while searching the other. Leaving breadcrumbs. =)

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    Gary Hall

    Potential = Active + Pre-Listing Properties

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    Kelly Sams

    I have a pre listing but it's not showing any potential commission or anything on my dashboard. I also have buyers under contract & nothing is reflected

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    Nathan Schulz

    Hi Kelly,
    In order for a Property to appear in the Pipeline Widget, your Linked Contact has to be set as the Seller Agent the Property's People tab. Take a look at the video in this article here for more details:

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