Using groups when creating a new workflow?

Q: Where can a find more information on using "Groups" in creating a new workflow?

A: Groups - Each workflow can have up to 20 Groups to help in the selection process when starting a workflow. There will always be 1 “General” group and then up to 19 User defined groups. Each step of the workflow can be assigned to a specific group. The purpose of the group is to allow the user to easily select or un-select groups of activities that may not be needed during the workflow process.

An example use of “Groups” would be for a closing workflow that includes 4 or 5 steps dealing with financing. You could make a group called “Financing” and assign the activities that deal with financing to this group. If you have a Cash Buyer that doesn’t need financing, simply uncheck the “Financing” group when you go to start the workflow on a transaction and the individual steps dealing with financing will be automatically deselected so they do not get assigned to your calendar.

A:  I use groups extensively. I find it easier to do that than to have multiple workflows for similar things. As a matter of fact I have a few Workflows that I am going to consolidate with groups - it's just so easy to apply the Workflow and then just select the groups that apply.

Q: How do you create an activity and associate it with a group?

A:  Just make the activity and then drop down and select the group. You add the groups you will need up top in the general info part and then it will populate the drop downs. 


Q: It appears I must be inside a workflow to create an activity?

A: Yes, you need to be inside the workflow editor to create an activity and assign it to a group.

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