How do I get help from the team and what is live chat & submit a support ticket?

Q: How do I get Help from the Team and What is "Live Chat" & Submit a "Support Ticket"?  

A: LIVE CHAT is for when you have to have your answer right away. We can also screen share with you on the chat if it's needed and if we feel it will be more efficient, we’ll talk on the phone as well.

When you come to Live Chat, it asks you to download an applet. Once it is done downloading, you have to click on RUN in order to start your Chat Session.

SUPPORT TICKETS are for when you can wait for a few minutes to a few hours and are the ONLY good place for feature requests and enhancements.

Q: When are you there?

A: Someone is available for both from 9:00 AM EST to 9:00 PM EST the vast majority of the time. If you get to the Live Chat and there is no one available, you will be re-routed to create a Support Ticket and that will be answered as soon as humanly possible within those same hours. If you do not get an answer on Chat, it means we are not available.

Our goal is to always answer both as quickly as possible. 

Q: Does anyone have a phone number to customer service at Realvolve?

A:  We limit our support to online communication (including live chat - link at bottom when you're in the realvolve app) for a few reasons... it allows us to keep our overall pricing down while maintaining a feature-rich application and continuing to provide great support. We want Realvolve to be accessible and affordable for all of our customers. Our team is able to gather system details and other information so that they can troubleshoot effectively and link to educational resources that help you get the most out the system. However, we hop on with folks all the time if an issue warrants. We strive to help and serve you well.


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    Cynthia Kozacik

    please have someone call me, I'm not able to import my cvs file
    thank you
    I'm in front of computer now and for a few hours and that's it for now.

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    Claire Black Slotton

    I am in a list of contacts and have checked the box next to a few of them and want to mass delete the checked boxes. How do I do that?

  • Avatar
    Monica Malcuit

    How can I separate the contacts from each agent? I really need someone to call me.

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