After checking off a task or activity, does Realvolve recognize this as a recent call or contact?

Q: After checking off a task or activity for a contact, lets say a follow up call, does Realvolve recognize this as a recent call or contact? For example, I checked off the activity in the attached photo. Will Realvolve recognize this follow up attempt as a "last call" when searching contacts by last call date? Or do I still need to go into the contact and input the actual last contact date?

A:  For now you have to enter the last call date in the last call date field. Here's the fix: add this simple setting to your "check-in" activity:

Kendyl Young's photo.

By adding these merge fields in the checklist box you can enter the call date right in the dashboard - like this:

Kendyl Young's photo.

Now RV knows the last time you called. 

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    Scott Kooiman

    All I see on this page is broken images. can someone send me the images referenced above please?

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    Gary Hall

    I don't know what the images are, but the concept is the same as is used in the "90 Day Touch" Workflow. A checklist activity with the merge field for the field you want to update. Check out the 90 Day Touch WF if you haven't already.

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