Details section of the contact record?

Q: How are people using the Details section of the contact record, specifically last call, visit and note? When communicating with a contact via one of these methods I assume you enter info into the notes section of the contact record. Are you then going to this detail section and adding a date as well?  

A: What I do at least with workflows, say I have a workflow where I want to call every month. I make an activity with a checklist. The checklist has three things: contact cell phone number (so I don't have to click into the record), notes, and last call date. I fill in the notes and last call date but what is most important is to NOT click them complete. For the when I say 30 days after last call date. Miraculously, it just knows when to tell me to call them again. The thing I like about doing the workflow this week, is that if I want to call on a regular basis but get behind, it then recalculates based on the actual last call date. 


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