Showings tab in the contact record?

Q: How do I use the showings tab in the contact record?

A: The Showings tab in the contact allows you to track those properties that you have shown your buyers. If you are showing your own properties then it links the contact to the property along with any comments that the buyer has about your property so they can be sent to the seller as part of the seller report. It's all automatic and easy. If the property changes price then you have an immediate list of potential buyers that you can notify about the price change if they liked the property.

The Showings Tab in the Property only shows information that you would quickly need to know in order to successfully show the property. That way when someone calls you can quickly see the information.

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    Dewi Fairclough

    Why does the message to seller have to be filled on a property that is not our listing?

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    Mark Krier

    I have the same question as Dewi... Why does the message to seller have to be filled on a property that is not our listing

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    Avi Adler

    Same question here. I'm not sure what to include in this field when showing property to Buyer. Is the message entered in this field sent to anyone?

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    Gary Hall

    It's just the way it works for now. It will be changed. You can put literally anything in there, even just a period. But currently it is required.

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    Jonathan Bowen

    I just stumbled onto the "Showings" tab in the contact record today and had the same question as Dewi, Mark and Avi but I noticed that the message to the seller is still a required field. It looks like it hasn't been changed since Gary replied over a year ago. I'm hoping that can be fixed.

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    Gary Hall

    Sorry guys! As with so many of these kinds of things it's a matter of priority. Since this one can be so easily worked around by putting a period or anything else you like in the box, it has just fallen to low priority versus things that are a bigger nuisance to more people. We'll get to it at some point. Apologies for the delay.

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    Michael Vila

    Yes, I agree, if you change the listing type to 'Other Listing' instead of 'Our Listing' it should remove the Message to Seller requirement.

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