Using IDX Broker to fetch my listings?

As of 12/31/2015 we have added an API Connection from to automatically fetch your "Featured Listings".  The purpose of this feature is to prevent the need to enter your own personal listings into the Properties section of Realvolve.   While it does NOT bring in ALL data from your MLS into Realvolve, it does bring in the basic data and photos.  

The way this works is that you can enter your IDXBroker API Code into Realvolve and nightly it will bring in any new properties that you personally have listed which are ACTIVE or update any ACTIVE properties that changes have been made.

Follow the steps below to connect your IDX Broker Account to Realvolve: 

1) Login to your IDXBroker Account and click on the API Control link on your dashboard to display the API Key Control screen.


2) Highlight and Copy the Account API key to your clipboard.  If you ever revoke this key or assign a new key you will need to copy the key again and paste it into Realvolve so the API Connections can be made.


3) Go into your Realvolve Account and choose Settings > Integrations

Paste the IDX Broker Key into the field provided then turn ON the Auto Fetch switch and click on Update.  Once the information is entered and updated then a [Fetch Properties Now] button will display to download the properties immediately.

Once the process is complete, you will find the Active Listings in the Properties section of Realvolve.  

Note: NEWLY downloaded properties will have 2 TAGS:  "IDX Broker" and "New IDX Import" - we recommend searching for new properties using the "New IDX Import" tag and edit it for any missing data including list date/expiration date as well as Seller information etc.  Once you have made the changes then remove the "New IDX Import" tag so you can easily locate any newly added properties in the future.   Leaving the "IDX Broker" tag will allow you to know it came from IDX Broker in the first place.  

Note: we will be adding the ability to automatically start workflows on newly added properties also but it was not available at the time of this update.  

Basic Property Information should import quickly however the Primary Photo and Additional Photos may take a little time to update.



BIG IDEA: Setup a "New IDX Listing" workflow which uses a checklist of property fields that you want to verify is filled in.  List Date, Expiration Date, etc.  Then use a workflow action to remove the "New IDX Import" tag from the property when the checklist is completed.  I have added a public workflow that you can use and modify called "New IDX Listing" in the workflow library. - ENJOY 





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  • Avatar
    Alison Gilbert

    I use DiverseSolutions for my IDX account not IDXbroker... how can I use it to fetch listings and properties? Do I need to enter each property/transaction by hand?

  • Avatar
    Gary Hall

    Short answer is yes. If you have a web site and you are using the company called IDX Broker for your IDX solution, then you will have an API key. You can use that in Realvolve and it will import your listing information for you. Other than that we have no function to import listings from any other source. We will be adding more IDX providers as we go but that's it for the foreseeable future.

  • Avatar
    Mitchell David

    Has there been any progress in adding additional IDX providers?

  • Avatar
    Gary Hall

    Not yet. We're working on an API that will speed up third party affiliations such as this.

  • Avatar
    Joe Vavricka

    Would you PLEASE prioritize including an API for IDX on my Agent XSites / Pipeline ROI website from A La Mode, Inc.? I certainly don't want to pay for a second $40/mo IDXBroker API for this basic data import function that is fundamental to Realvolve's user design philosophy of eliminating double entry of the same data.

  • Avatar
    Cleve Shirley

    Are you able to bring in properties from IDX Broker that are not your personal listings such as when you are involved on the buyer end?

  • Avatar
    Jan Dunson

    Cleve, did you get an answer? We need to be able to do that also.

  • Avatar
    Gary Hall

    Additional IDX solutions will be made available eventually but it is a matter of having other features with higher priorities. simply because more people are asking for other features ahead of it. Unless you are hand entering listings on almost a daily basis it is not a very time consuming issue to key in basic information. Most would agree that a mobile solution and print capability would be far more desirable. That's what it boils down to. Priorities. There are very few CRMs that auto-import listing information, probably for the same reason. That is not to say that we won't provide it eventually. It will just be a while yet,

  • Avatar
    Brendan Spear

    Hey Gary, I am doing a pre launch ala Paperless Agent... but would love once listed, for the property to fetch from IDX Broker. Would also love then the settings to be able to be adjusted if the status or key data changes in the MLS. Not sure if this is possible now or not, but thats what I have in my head of an awesome way to work. Likewise as mentioned above, would be great to be able to pull data for a buyer deal.

  • Avatar

    I'd like to see websitebox which is very affordable or just some way from which would probably take care of everyone.

  • Avatar
    Gary Hall

    HI Brett - Eventually we will add more IDX solutions to cover more MLS'. In the interim, integrating with this would be a "Feature Request" if you want to add one for it there

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