How do I get on "Live Chat Support" for help?

Q: How do I get on live chat?

A: On the bottom of your screen: "Live Chat Support"

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    Teresa Lett

    I would like live chat support for my issue. Not seeing the "Live chat support" anywhere on my screen page, thx.

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    Ted Williams

    Do I have to create a separate transaction record for each buyer and seller?
    If the buyer and seller are in the same transaction do they need to be separate for them to both be captured when I send out a mass email?

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    John Jackson

    I also can not find the "Live Chat Support" anywhere on my screen. Suggestions?

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    Tamara Suminski

    There is no "Live Chat Support"

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    Crystal Glenning

    Where do I go to watch videos on how to make this program work?

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