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Q: I have several Keep in Touch (KIT) workflows. Let's say I want to call someone every 4 weeks on a certain day of the week. So I have the activity set to repeat every 4 weeks. I have a checklist which has their phone number, a place for notes, as well as the last call date. Can I set the repeat of this to be 4 weeks from when I actually make the call (in case I get backed up and don't complete when it is due), rather than just a repeating activity? i.e. the next activity would be 4 weeks after last call date? How would I do that? Could it automatically repeat or I would have to keep manually adding an activity?

A: Set the "Schedule" to be 4 weeks after last call date - you won't actually "check off" any checklist items but when you change the last call date in the checklist to the current date the activity will automatically change to be 4 weeks out from the call date. No need to do the repeat option. and if you miss the date it will still be on your list of to-do's as a "past due" RED item.

Q: What do you mean you won't check off the items in the checklist? How will it complete that activity or record the notes or last call date?

A: When you type in the notes merge field it will put it into notes for you, the activity does not have to be complete to get that added - the activity won't actually get completed but will automatically advance to the next date since it is setup to be 4 weeks after last call date - the key is to make sure the last call date has a value before starting the workflow. 

What do you have set for the "Schedule"? I would set it for "4 Weeks After Last Call Date" and turn OFF the Repeat - when you change your last call date it will automatically change the activity's date so the repeat is not needed.


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    Jonathan Asbell

    If I am correct Mark, your approach leaves a note and continually pushes out the event, versus the posters method which keeps generating a new event. Is there a difference with regards to reporting or anything else?

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