Tags for properties or transactions?


Q: Is anyone using tags for properties or transactions?
A: Use tags for things to know where you are in the listing or transaction process. These can be automatically added in a workflow action "Waiting for Loan Approval", "Waiting for Appraisal", "Inspection Ordered", etc...  You can then pull up properties and transactions by their current process to know where you are on things.


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    Sia Glafkides

    wow so you could conceivably have thousands of tags?

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    Gary Hall

    You can add as many Tags as you want, but before you start creating Tags it's a good idea to have a plan or concept so it doesn't get ugly :)

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    Carrie Zumwalt

    Is there a way to have a contact tagged based off of a transaction workflow? For example, once a contract has closed, I want the seller to be tagged as "past client" and the "current client" tag removed. Is this possible? Or will it only add/remove tags from the transaction?

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