Creating a workflow for a transaction?


Q: When creating a workflow for a transaction, is there a way to have the system add dates to the calendar that are part of the transaction? For example, there is an exhaustive list of dates in the transaction - closing, inspection, etc. Rather than create an activity to add the date to the calendar  and then manually add the date, can the system grab the date in the workflow and add it?
A: Just make a workflow activity that is the activity itself "Photo shoot" and choose the time as the milestone time and it will be on your calendar. When you add a time to that milestone it will update the activity in your calendar. You have to make it an activity in the workflow like any other activity - just make it 0 days after "Photography Date" and use "Photography Time".  When you start this workflow it will create the activity in the calendar - if you don't supply a date for "Photography Date" when starting the workflow it will create a "Task" without a date or time - once you assign a date/time in the Important date fields it will then update this "Task" to be a Calendar Item with the assigned Date/Time entered.


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