Gmail emails in Realvolve?

Q: Can you view your Gmail emails in Realvolve?

A: Yes, they are stored in the contact record.

Q: Question about the emails records pulled from Google into Realvolve. Are these records a mirror of Gmail or are they permanent records in Realvolve?

A: It displays, not stores all email to and from that Contact, in YOUR email account. If you completely delete it from your email account, it will no longer display in Realvolve.


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    Sabrina Dadalt REALTOR

    How do I see those emails and how do they sync? I use Gmail and my contacts sync, but I don't see how I can see emails that I've sent to my contacts via Gmail in Realvolve. The email tab for them is blank.

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    Gary Hall

    Go to Settings, Emails, Email Account and add your account there.

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    Christie Kramer-LeVander

    1) If we get the email then add the contact to realvolve. Will the previous emails from earlier sync to that contact?
    2) I have a contact that we have an email thread going and seems like the first emails sync to realvolve but next ones do not . Do I need to change subject line to have new emails go to the contact?

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    Gary Hall

    Hi Christie!

    1) It will sync all email with that email address from your Gmail account.
    2) Emails are generally sent as individual emails unless they are manually CC'd. Otherwise if you want the recipient to be able to reply and see the thread, you need to use the CC/BCC in the Actions. This is new -

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