Google sync and tags?

Q: Google sync and tags: We are only syncing some of our contacts from RV to Google. We are adding the tag System Group: My Contacts to each record that we want synced. I noticed that each new contact we now add includes this tag as a default.

Secondly, we have users who do not have access to the entire data base. They would only be able to sync a subset of contacts. So lets say we have a tag called agents-contacts. Will they also need the System Group tag to complete a sync - and will that sync only apply to the contact group they have included in the sync? 

A: You can turn off the System Group: My Contacts in settings > Google Sync... uncheck the option.  The checkbox: "Assign to My Contacts" is a default setting to assign newly entered contacts to the "System Group: My Contacts".  Normally you want that on so all names you add to Realvolve get added to Google's My Contact group. If you don't want everyone to sync, if you turn off that checkbox they won't be added to the "System Group: My Contacts" when entered into Realvolve. You will have to assign it manually.

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