Managing contact sync’ing with google?


Q: Regarding Managing Contact Sync... I love that Realvolve syncs back and forth with my email and google contacts, but I have several contacts that have nothing to do with real estate and I don't want in Realvolve to muddy the waters.

Does anyone have a good solution on how to manage contacts?


A: If you want to sync specific people the make a tag like "Google sync" and assign only those people you want to sync. Set the Google Sync setting to just sync that tag.
Tag "Google Sync" to anyone you want just go to sync with Google then go to SETTINGS > GOOGLE SYNC and select "Google Sync" from the list.
Google has "Groups" we call them "Tags" - who ever is in the "Google Sync" Group or Tag will be sync'd - if you put 100 people in Google into a group that you create called "Google Sync" and you have Realvolve setup to only sync "Google Sync" contacts then it will only sync those 100 people. If you add 5 contacts into Realvolve and you want them in Google then assigned them to the "Google Sync" Tag and those 5 contacts will sync into Google.


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    Darrell Catmull

    I have designated 773 of my 2600 contacts to be associated with Realvolve. I have both boxes ticked in the affirmative: 1) I want to sync contacts, and 2) "Assign to my contacts."

    I confirmed that Google Contacts does have a group/label called Realvolve and there are 773 contacts in that group.

    Its been several days, several login and logoffs, and a few manual sync's. But my contacts remain at 2600.

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    Tyler Rackley

    It appears google sync contacts will only sync with the Owner of the contact (and just the primary owner at that). Very inconvenient when you run a team and want your admins and assistant agents able to see the contact but not assigned as the "owner". I prefer 1 owner as that is how we delegate lead generation activities after the closing and keep track of who brought what lead to the team. Is there a workaround? I submitted the ticket but I believe the answer should be made public somewhere.

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    Darrell Catmull

    I'm enjoying Full Contact for Teams. It would be nice if Realvolve would work with Full Contact and integrate syncing between Full Contact and Realvolve. Then I could quit dealing with the inferior Google Contacts all together.

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