Workflow for a new buyer contract?

Q: When creating a workflow for a new buyer contract, I want on day 1 for an email to automatically go out when I go under contract and start the workflow - how do I do this?

A: Before the activity can trigger you need to set up a transaction. This will provide a platform where you can enter in all the people, dates and details you'll need for a workflow.  Once that is done, you can apply a workflow. When you write the workflow you want to apply, taking your example, you add an activity and the spot you are looking for is right at the bottom, "Create Action". That little box holds the key to all communication based activities.

A:  The key is to add an ACTION to the activity on that workflow that is scheduled for 0 Days after "Contract Date" which is the date of the contract. Click on the "Create Action" and choose Send Automatically , Email, and choose your template.



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