Getting started with Realvolve?

Q: Just getting around to start setting everything up and really going into "Overwhelm" mode just trying to get into the mental mode to do it. Any help, suggestions, etc on how to tackle this bad boy would be appreciated!

A: Step one - get your contacts organized. This takes time. Really go through them and figure out who your base is. Add as much information about each contact as you can and get them properly categorized and start thinking about what your follow-up plan for them.

A: I think the agent should take a moment and decide- what is my biggest pain point right now? What causes you the most stress or chaos or where are you SURE you are losing money? Is it transaction management? Follow Up? Relationship management?

Enter in the contacts that will most likely help you with that pain point, just import the contacts that will help with that pain point and tag them to make sure you can find them all later. Next, ask yourself, if I had lots of time and bandwidth, what would I do to solve that pain point?

For example, is it your old leads/past clients? What would you do/say and when in order to keep that relationship going? Is it call every month, or quarter or...? A simple, "hello" email? How about something the brilliant G. did a couple of weeks ago. Issue a blanket, "who wants to meet up for lunch?" offer? Write a workflow for that or send a quick small group email or just get on the phone and start calling- be sure to take notes as you connect. This information is the foundation of the Realvolve piggy bank.

I think if you have an immediate win, no matter how small, you will more easily see the power of Realvolve to help you make money and streamline your business.

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    Margaret Dethloff

    I need to understand if I enter a contact into my phone - can i sync with realvolve or do i need to separately enter into realvolve

    how does my mac mail program work with realvolve, etc

    would really like a phone conversation with an expert thanks

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    Bill Craft

    I wish there was a 20 minute tuttorial showing what to do on day one. after 2 months, we still dont know how to use it

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    Reita Detweiler

    I am overwhelmed. I purchased this software in Dec, I have tried several times to get started. This is my last time to try. Help me!! Thank you. Reita

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