Alternate workflow?

Q: Can someone explain "alternate workflow"? 

A: So you have a workflow to nurture a lead.. emails, texts, phone calls, etc.
When that lead then becomes a client you can then have Realvolve kick off an alternate work flow for their listing, transaction management or whatever you choose.

Q:  How does it know when to do that?

A:  When you delete a workflow activity, it gives you the ability to delete all remaining activities of that workflow. When you delete all or all remaining it will give you the opportunity to start the alternate workflow if it is selected.

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    Jonathan Asbell

    So alternate workflow ONLY works when you DELETE the current workflow?

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    Gary Hall


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    John Bretthauer

    Gary, can two workflows run at the same time? For example, if you are in a Buyer Escrow Workflow and a series of tasks come up that could be put in a parallel Workflow, can realvolve run both at the same time?

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    Stephanie Souza-Breault

    HOW do you delete a workflow?

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    Gary Hall

    Stephanie - Hover over one of the activities in the workflow and click on the X. It will offer the option to delete all or all remaining.

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