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Q: When using Google sync, do Realvolve and Google overwrite each other? If I add/ delete/update info. in one, does it overwrite the other? 

A:  Syncing with Google means changes go back and forth. If you add info in Realvolve then it gets added in google. If you update info in Realvolve then it updates in google. If you delete records in Realvolve then it deletes them in google...

Changes in Realvolve get sync'd immediately. The same is true for adding, updating and deleting in Google however the sync only happens every hour unless you go into Settings > Google Sync > [Sync Now] which forces a sync. Both syncs also depend on the TAG selected in the Settings > Google Sync.  In most cases, you want "System Group: My Contacts" which is the google group called "My Contacts". Any contact that does not have that Tag/Group will not be sync'd.

Q: Is there a way to sync with Google automatically or is it something that has to be manually initiated all the time?

A: Currently we sync From Realvolve to Google immediately any contacts, calendar items or to do items. Syncing from Google is timer based for now, every 4 hours but you can make the sync happen by using the [Sync Now] button in Settings. (3-31-16)

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    Hello Nathan, my sync FROM Google is taking much longer than 4 hours, usually overnight, is there something going on with the system. I have tested it for several days now.

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    Michael Vila
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