Best practices for tags?

Q: Tags: I am a bit confused about best practices for tags. I understand the use of tags in contacts - kind of like groups. I'm more confused about the tagging in workflows as well as individual actions and also templates. How are people using tags?

A:  The main purpose of tags is to allow you to group contacts, properties, transactions based on some keyword. "Newsletter", "Holiday List", "Farm #1", what ever you want - then you can quickly find everyone in that tag using a filter.

One example use w
ould be in Workflow Actions like "Repairs Needed". If an action sends an email to the seller saying that there are repairs needed then you can tag that property with "Repairs Needed" in the action. Then the activity 10 days that reminds you to check on the repairs to make sure they have been completed will popup. If they have been completed, the action to remove that "Repairs Needed" tag from the property can be done automatically. This way you can quickly filter a list of all properties that have the "Repairs Needed" and to make sure things are getting done.  There are lots of uses for tags...


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