Where do you keep track of Showings?

Q: Where do you keep track of showings on your listings?

A: We record them in the seller's report.

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    Christine Maureen Crowley

    how can I get the showing date and time to appear in the calendar?

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    Hazen Reed


    Did you ever get an answer to this? It seems like a great idea to have the showings that are recorded in the Seller's report area show on the calendar, or at least be able to sync to google calendar.

    It is not really clear what the idea workflow is for managing showings, for buyers or sellers. It seems like the tools are almost here in RealVolve, but I am not seeing how to pull them together to make the process easy, reliable and clear. Recording a showing for a listing seems critical, having it appear on a calendar, also important, and recording showings for buyer clients, also with calendar entries, seems commonplace.

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