Send automatically emails?

Q: What actually happens with the send-automatically emails? I did see (and set) the place in settings where you mark what time of day those are supposed to go out. But when I look at my All Activities screen (my to-do list), will the automatic ones appear there? What should I expect to see, and what do I need to do to make those do their thing?

A:  In the Action of the workflow activity you have to set the option to SEND AUTOMATICALLY. If the activity has a time assigned to it then it will use that time. Otherwise, it will send at the appointed time you set in the SETTINGS > EMAILS screen. Verify that the option is turned on in that settings area.

There are 2 requirements for automatic emails:

1) The Activity can not be a CHECKLIST activity.

2) There can only be 1 Action on the activity.

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