Recurring birthdays?

Q: Is there a way to have a recurring activity? I want to send my clients kids a birthday card every year.

A: For birthdays, putting a birthday (even if it's mm/dd/2015) will automatically create an activity that will show up for that contact.


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    Elizabeth Wilson

    Is there a way to request the notice to be 2-3 days before the birthday?

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    Gary Hall

    Currently we automatically remind you of it on that day. You can filter to see which ones are coming in the Tasks on the dashboard. Also, you can delete the "day of" birthday reminders and make your own repeat activity that reminds you when you want.

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    Sarah Rozema

    Has there been any updates on this? I would like to set up the same reminder for all birthdays and anniversaries for all contacts. Is there a way to set this once for all? Or would I still need to set for each contact individually?

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    Gary Hall

    Hi Sarah - If you do an import it will automatically add the reminders for birthdays on that day. If you are doing them manually then you would need to do them one at a time. For Anniversary's we don't automatically add those reminders so you would need to add a repeating/recurring activity for that reminder.

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