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Q: How have people been using seller reports? Do you find that sellers prefer them over check-in calls (or vice-versa)? Also, when you schedule the reports to be sent to the seller, when during the day do they send?

A: We send on Monday morning and I follow up with a call Monday afternoon.


Subject: This Week at 190 Sequoia Dr, Pasadena, CA 91105 US

Dear Ann, 
Here are the notable things that happened this week in relation to the marketing of your home. Showings, the level of interest on the web, open house activity feedback from agents
and activity around your home are all things we monitor on a daily basis.

11/02/2015 (Other) Trulia: Week of 10/25-10/31 5,233 Search Result Views, Property Detailed Views 527. Viewer Interest Low.
Zillow: Oct. 9th (day after it was re-listed on their site) 134 views. Nov. 1st 65 views.

Comparable Sale: 180 Sequoia Dr. sold on 10/22 for $775,000 3 bedrooms/2 baths 1,360 sqft.

Showing time: No agent feedback or showings scheduled.

11/01/2015 (Open House) We had 15 parties. One couple seemed very interested, but on follow up felt the home needed more work than they were prepared to do. One couple was there for a second visit with 3 month old twins..... I continue to get good response to the price from agents. Kendyl and Dalhart were there to hold the Open House.

10/27/2015 (Other) Price change has been reflected on all real estate websites as well as the Nov. 1st Open House Date.
E-mailed every agent that showed the property through Showingtime to inform them of the price reduction.

10/26/2015 (Other) Trulia: Search Result Views 6,766, Property Detailed Views 385. Low Viewer Interest. 11/1 Open House date is on there.

Zillow: 1,199 Views since listing. 10 saved it as Favorite. 11/1 Open House date is on there.

We will discuss these results during our regular conversations, but please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. We can't control the market, but we can certainly control how we respond.

Kendyl Young

Q: Where is this info coming from? Does it auto populate in the template based upon something that you enter in Realvolve or do you do it manually every time?

A: It auto populates from daily entries into the seller report tab. It knows what entries have already been sent in previous reports, so only includes new entries. I know Mark & co have ideas on ways to auto populates stuff like showingtime activity and you can set some of your activities to auto populate the report. For example, if you want the seller to know all (or any) of the stuff you checked off the list (load onto MLS, ran ad in newspaper, installed lockbox etc.) you can have Realvolve include it on the report.


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