Doing a template for a transaction?

Q:  I am doing a template for a transaction, and want to send an email to several different parties to confirm the walk through. I cannot see in the merge fields how to get the specific contact's first name in the greeting. In the activity of the workflow, I already have the party members in the "use with" field. Can you advise how to do this?

A: Greeting field uses whoever it's being sent to or you can use specific party members by using the party member type

Dear [[Transaction:Seller#FirstName]]

Q: What if the same template is being sent to the transaction buyer, transaction listing agent, transaction closing agent etc? How do I put the merge field into one template?

A: I send one letter to each party separately. Since I am doing a separate letter for each party, the info. differs slightly. My client (presumably the buyer in this example) gets a reminder and "what to expect". Listing agent a simple reminder and attendee list (all merge fields). 

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