List of enhancements?

Q: Do you have a of list of enhancements that are coming and what the timing might be of their implementation. 

A: We follow Agile Methodologies as an alternative to traditional project management, which is typically used in software development. It helps us respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work cadences, known as sprints. So while I agree that sharing timelines for features would be nice - if we were to ever make timelines public, it would distract and ultimately become too narrow of a focus in a process that should allow for natural evolution. The best things in life work the same way - we can't force the best things...the best things (ideas, breakthroughs, friendships, relationships, experiences) happen organically on their own when we're present, open-minded and paying attention (as opposed to being rigidly committed to a plan). Having said that, we have big items that are on our dev. cycle - mobile, APIs, UI iterations, etc. 



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